James Bower Foundation

James Bower Foundation

Foundation Overview

Jon Clark – President– jon@jsbowerfoundation.org
Jolette Corbett– jolette@jsbowerfoundation.org
general email, or specific application questions - info@jsbowerfoundation.org

26 West Micheltorena Street
Santa Barbara, California 93101.

phone: 805-564-8814

James Bower Foundation

The James S. Bower Foundation provides support for the positive social and cultural evolution of our world. The Foundation helps to create a better future by making grants to partners who share the belief that a healthier world can be fostered through compassionate action and social change.

We believe that philanthropy can play an important role in understanding and influencing societal change processes that will lead to positive results. We are committed to strategic, purpose-driven and outcome-oriented grantmaking and are interested in how we, as individuals and members of diverse cultural, religious, economic and political groups, can find commonality and further changes in:

  • Educational, developmental and health processes for infants, children, and youth,
  • Educational, developmental and health processes for seniors,
  • Environmental conditions,
  • Human consciousness and social awareness.

The Foundation’s giving is focused in Santa Barbara, California.

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Thank you for creating a home that leads with love. The entire staff was wonderful every step of the way. Sarah House felt like a beautiful oasis during an extremely difficult time. Time spent in the garden was life-affirming and helpful on the darkest days. I am so very grateful for Dad’s ability to spend his last days in such a beautiful place with such special people. Our family so appreciates Sarah House for its kindness, tenderness, and support.