A Night in Havana Sponsors

A Night in Havana Sponsors

$10,000 Ernest Hemingway

  • Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree
  • Linda Lorenzen Hughes
  • Anonymous in Loving Memory of Tom Murphy

$2,500 Mambo

  • David Selden
  • Anonymous
  • Tom and Nancy Crawford
  • Union Bank (George Leis)
  • Assisted Home Health and Hospice

$1,000 Bacardi

  • Jean and Dave Davis
  • Linda Seltzer Yawitz
  • James Murdock
  • Brophy Brothers (Sue Bennett)
  • Jim and Leena Krasno
  • Jean Schuyler
  • Dodie Little in memory of Brother Nicholas Radelmiller 
  • Georgia Noble 
  • Mark and Sally Hamilton 
  • Dr. Steven Zelko 
  • Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care 

$500 Babalu 

  • Michael Agenbroad and David Schumann 
  • Tony Allina and Christiane Schlumberger 
  • Joe and Paula Campanelli 
  • Serena Carroll 
  • Charles Crail Automobiles
  • Cathie Walker
  • Debbie McQuade
  • Stephen and Anna Jones
  • Anne and Randy Howard
  • Caron Miller
  • Lynn Montgomery and Richard Kriegler
  • Thomas F. Stone and Alexandra Leslie
  • Patsy Tisch
  • Miyoko Kudo, Hallie Anderson, and Melinda Carey
  • Anne Smith
  • Shirley Sparks
  • Mae Moos
  • Thomas Ridge
  • Riviera Bank
  • Terry and Wade Clark Roof
  • Jill and Granville Harper
  • Lori Lewis
  • Christopher Teasely and Stephen Singleton

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