May 06, 2016 at 07:03 PM

Mom's Story

By Sarah House

Losing Mom has been the hardest and most painful thing we have ever experienced and the people of Sarah House, a hospice home in Santa Barbara, helped each of us experience loss in ways that has and will continue to make us stronger with time. Mom died peacefully, but not willingly in a beautiful South-Western style villa, which she would have adored, surrounded by family and her new friends at Sarah House Hospice on Sunday morning.

Sarah House welcomed Mom and the family with open arms and very warm hearts. They helped Mom with her physical, spiritual and emotional needs in preparation for her final journey. The way Debbie and the staff treated Mom was absolutely inspiring and very comforting to the family. It meant so much to see the genuine compassion, which is so often lacking in society today, that all the staff had with Mom. She was always treated with the utmost respect and dignity from the time of her arrival straight through her departure.

The wonderful people of Sarah House also took great care of Dad, Debbie, Luther and March. They fed our bodies and souls. They have a warm and welcoming kitchen that we found comforting and covered us at nights with warm quilts. They filled us with wisdom and surrounded us with love, for which we are eternally grateful.

Because of them we were all with Mom until she left us, she was never alone. They taught us not to be afraid of the dying process and how to let Mom go, as hard as it was.

Even after Mom had passed away the wonderful people of Sarah House were there to help prepare Mom one last time. They helped me find the strength to do as our grandparents before us would have done, preparing Mom for that last ride home. Mom was never left in the hands of strangers and never alone thanks to Sarah House…

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Thank you for creating a home that leads with love. The entire staff was wonderful every step of the way. Sarah House felt like a beautiful oasis during an extremely difficult time. I am so very grateful for Dad’s ability to spend his last days in such a beautiful place with such special people. Our family so appreciates Sarah House for its kindness, tenderness, and support.
Nancy and extended family