Sarah House is part of Something Big in Santa Barbara!

A Van for all Reasons

Sarah House needs your help with a new fundraising initiative through SB Gives!**

We need to replace our much-needed, but dilapidated van. Our van makes a lot of important trips:

  • Caregivers use the van to take residents to medical appointments, to the movies, for an ice cream cone, or to feel the sand under their feet one last time.
  • We have used the van countless times to take people home after they have spent an entire day at the bedside of their loved ones.
  • Food shopping is another important van task as we provide whatever meals the residents request at any time of the day. We feed more than hunger; we feed one's soul.
  • The Sarah House logo will be visible traveling community-wide to meet future residents.

The cost for a new vehicle that will be reliable for years to come and spacious enough to transport wheelchairs and eight passengers is $30,000.

Help us obtain our goal; we are halfway there!

Visit our SB Gives! donation platform now!

** Santa Barbara Gives! (SB Gives!) is a year-end, holiday fundraising program that’s new to our county, but is based on a model that has been successful in other communities. 

Sarah House was one of 50 local nonprofits chosen by The Fund for Santa Barbara’s Grant Making Committee to participate in this exciting new initiative: find out more here.