A Night in Havana Sponsors

A Night in Havana Sponsors

$10,000 Ernest Hemingway

  • Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree
  • Linda Lorenzen Hughes
  • Anonymous in Loving Memory of Tom Murphy

$2,500 Mambo

  • David Selden
  • Anonymous
  • Tom and Nancy Crawford
  • Union Bank (George Leis)
  • Assisted Home Health and Hospice

$1,000 Bacardi

  • Jean and Dave Davis
  • Linda Seltzer Yawitz
  • James Murdock
  • Brophy Brothers (Sue Bennett)
  • Jim and Leena Krasno
  • Jean Schuyler
  • Dodie Little in memory of Brother Nicholas Radelmiller 
  • Georgia Noble 
  • Mark and Sally Hamilton 
  • Dr. Steven Zelko 
  • Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care 

$500 Babalu 

  • Michael Agenbroad and David Schumann 
  • Tony Allina and Christiane Schlumberger 
  • Joe and Paula Campanelli 
  • Serena Carroll 
  • Charles Crail Automobiles
  • Cathie Walker
  • Debbie McQuade
  • Stephen and Anna Jones
  • Anne and Randy Howard
  • Caron Miller
  • Lynn Montgomery and Richard Kriegler
  • Thomas F. Stone and Alexandra Leslie
  • Patsy Tisch
  • Miyoko Kudo, Hallie Anderson, and Melinda Carey
  • Anne Smith
  • Shirley Sparks
  • Mae Moos
  • Thomas Ridge
  • Riviera Bank
  • Terry and Wade Clark Roof
  • Jill and Granville Harper
  • Lori Lewis
  • Christopher Teasely and Stephen Singleton

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I have learned that the meaning of extraordinary kindness at Sarah House is something that we should all incorporate into our lives, in all our interactions with others. I saw the unconditional love and acceptance open the heart of my brother in his last days and touch the hearts and minds of all his friends who witnessed the many acts of love he received. Thank you for giving my brother so much, as he had so little.