Board and Staff

Board of Directors

  • Tino DeGuevara: President
  • Jean Lange Davis: Secretary
  • Michelle Britton: Vice President
  • Cathie Walker: Treasurer
  • Hallie Anderson: VP Special Events
  • Mark Hamilton: Member
  • Al Hughes: Member
  • Chris Kane: Member
  • Miyoko Kudo: Member
  • Laurie L. Leis: Member
  • Linda Lorenzen Hughes: Member

Advisory Council

  • Dennis H. Baker, MD
  • Harvey Bottlesen
  • Carol Carpenter
  • Carol DeTrana
  • Fr. Jon-Stephen Hedges
  • Michael Kearney, MD
  • Nancy Lynn
  • Rob Pearson
  • Lisa Murphy Rivas
  • Helene Schneider

Executive Director:

  • Susan Murray

Sarah House Manager:

  • Paloma Espino

Paloma Espino House Manager
Paloma Espino
House Manager

Mailing List

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I bathe myself in the love of Sarah House every moment of everyday. The place that houses the people, the people who house the place. From resistance came acquiescence then acceptance and then complete surrender to unconditional love, seamless transitions to the depths of my true being, my true reason for being. Where I am going has given way to why I am here and why I am here is to be a conduit and regenerator of unconditional love.