Board and Staff

Board of Directors

  • Tino DeGuevara: President
  • Jean Lange Davis: Secretary
  • Michelle Britton: Vice President
  • Cathie Walker: Treasurer
  • Hallie Anderson: VP Special Events
  • Mark Hamilton: Member
  • Al Hughes: Member
  • Chris Kane: Member
  • Miyoko Kudo: Member
  • Laurie L. Leis: Member
  • Linda Lorenzen Hughes: Member

Advisory Council

  • Dennis H. Baker, MD
  • Harvey Bottlesen
  • Carol Carpenter
  • Carol DeTrana
  • Fr. Jon-Stephen Hedges
  • Michael Kearney, MD
  • Nancy Lynn
  • Rob Pearson
  • Lisa Murphy Rivas
  • Helene Schneider

Acting Executive Director:

  • Paloma Espino: Acting Executive Director

Paloma Espino House Manager
Paloma Espino
House Manager

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Our father was only there for four days and it made a world of difference to have him at Sarah House. I cannot say enough good things about your loving care. Sarah House helped rescue dad from a horrible situation. You are all amazing, angels on earth, and I cannot thank you enough!